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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves regular one-on-one sessions to explore your feelings and emotions, address current personal challenges, and explore the effect of childhood experiences on current relationships and coping. We use a collaborative approach to determine your goals, develop insight into patterns that create difficulties in your life, affect your sense of self, and relationship with others.  Using a collaborative approach, our work together supports the development of greater self-knowledge and self-reflection; insight into patterns that create difficulties in your life; understanding of deep-rooted issues, increased self esteem; and enhanced healing. 

Individual therapy may assist you to address Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Difficulty regulating emotions, Struggles with interpersonal relationships, Addiction, Processing difficult memories and life experiences,  and Trauma recovery.

Family in Park

Family Counselling

Family Therapy supports families to work together on issues that contribute to family stress, tension, and fractured family relationships. Using a collaborative approach family therapy is useful to identify problematic communication patterns among family members; address damaging family dynamics; strengthen intra-familial support; and increase trust and connection within the family.

Family therapy may also address family traumas including intergenerational and multigenerational trauma. 

Family therapy may be helpful for issues such as communication difficulties, grief and loss of a family member, divorce and separation, child/sibling/teen issues, substance abuse or mental health challenges affecting a family member. 

Family therapy may include the entire family, extended family and kinship ties, siblings, or parent-child dyads

Pregnant Belly

Maternal Mental Health

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting can be an overwhelming and constitute major life transitions. Pregnancy can present an opportune time to work through previous mental health challenges. Maternal mental health therapy addresses issues such as infertility, adoption, pregnancy loss, peri-mental mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and trauma.  In addition, support is provided for managing post-natal adjustment and transitioning to parenting.

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